Trucking Safety Dealing with Inconsiderate Drivers

You’re bound to encounter more than a few inconsiderate drivers. We’re not talking about trucker on trucker conflicts here, as it’s the non-trucking population that most often struggles to share the road with commercial vehicles.

How do we deal with inconsiderate drivers? Let’s take a look:


Inconsiderate drivers can be simply infuriating at times, but the worst thing you can do is something that might escalate the situation. Driving aggressively or focusing too much attention on the inconsiderate driver is a recipe for disaster. Think a bad driver is going to give you a bad day? Wait until the situation escalates and you get into an accident. The first thing you should do when dealing with these drivers is to just remain calm. This isn’t always easy as these drivers can be truly frustrating, but think about the consequences of one bad decision, one little mistake.

Well, What Can I Do?

While it is critical that you remain calm, that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. When you’re on the road and you encounter a bad driver or someone who is clearly distracted while driving the best thing you can do is just give them some space. Don’t let their bad habits get you involved in a wreck. A little space will go a long way in preventing trouble. The reality is distracted driving is a huge part of the problem in the first place and some of these inconsiderate drivers might not be doing something on purpose and instead are busy messing around with a cell phone. You do have tools to get these drivers to wake up a little bit. Flashing your lights is one way to get a drivers attention. Often all they need is a small signal and they will realize that they are doing something stupid, like driving too slow in the fast lane or not giving you enough space. This can be escalated by using your horn. While this might seem aggressive, it will certainly get another drivers attention and getting them to pay attention and quit messing with the cell phone might not only prevent trouble on your end but could save another motorists life as well. If they react in a negative manner, be the smarter driver and do not escalate.


Distracted drivers make up the majority of trouble makers but some drivers simply don’t know how to share the road with large trucks. As a community of truckers it’s important we promote a public awareness on the subject. The more drivers that understand blind spots, turning radiuses, stopping distances and proper spacing, the safer trucking will be. Many drivers receive this training once in their lives when they get a driver’s license and then never think about it again. Maybe we need continuing education or a refresher course every so many years.

Making Trucking Easier and Safer

How we deal with inconsiderate drivers not only makes our jobs easier but it makes the roads safer for everyone. Remember, the worst thing you can do is escalate a situation. Remain calm and respond to the bad driver appropriately. Use your discretion and if necessary calmly get the attention of distracted drivers by flashing or using your horn. If the driver is beyond reason, give them some space and don’t let the bad driver make your day any worse. When your office is the road, you want that place to be as safe as possible, and how we handle these situations is a big part of that.


Written by Hunter Tires Editorial Team

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