Hunter Warranties


Ever wonder why a lot of tire brands appear to have the same look? We’ve got the answer and you’re going to want to know why.

Many tire brands sometimes use similar tread patters, but the difference is in the compound. Like we say here at Hunter, not all tires are created equal. The quality of the compound determines the longevity and life of the tire. When your truck is functioning properly and in good status, why shouldn’t your tires perform to maximum capability? How well will the tire last under the pressure of trucking? Well that depends on the quality of the compound.

We back our tires here at Hunter, so much so, that we’re willing to offer a strong warranty making sure that if something goes wrong, we’ve got your back. We welcome you to visit us, so we can show you the difference. When you’re able to compare the feel of different rubber, you’ll know it too. 2 tires may look the same, but any one knows they’re not when they feel the difference.

Our tires are made with a focus on quality, performance, and customer service. We are so proud of the Hunter tires that are out on the road right now delivering outstanding mileage and performance that we back each tire up with a variety of warranties.

24 Month Replacement Warranty

If you experience noise, vibrations, or roughness from your tires, you may be covered under our tire-replacement limited warranty.

30-Day Hunter Tire Pledge

Our 30-day pledge gives you up to 30 days to decide if you want to keep your tires or exchange them for a different set of Hunter Tires.

Hunter Tire Tread Life Warranty

We know that perfect commutes are far and few between, so we back our tires with warranties that help protect you in the case of premature treadwear.

Service Network Warranty

When our expert technicians take care of all your vehicle’s service needs, we’ve got you covered with an extensive list of service warranties.