Thanksgiving allows us to put our busy lives on pause and give thanks for what we have and the people around us. We give thanks to our families, friends, and even our employees and employers. We even give thanks for our position in life, and for the ability to put food on the table and live comfortably. In this time of feasting, family gatherings and holiday spirit, it is easy to overlook some of the people around us who have a much bigger impact on our lives than we may realize. One of these important unsung heroes is the truck driver.

We may not think about truck drivers very often, but the work they do has a direct impact on all of our lives every day. Virtually every item in our lives, from the houses we live in to the food we eat on this great holiday, are available to us because of truck drivers and the trucking community.

Thanksgiving is an especially busy time of year for truck drivers as they truly make the holiday possible. Truck drivers keep grocery store shelves stocked so your family can enjoy a great meal. They deliver the fuel to gas stations that allow you to make the drive to grandma’s house. They even deliver the television and sofa that you use to watch the big game or the parade.


The Trucker Impact

Even when considering these things, it may still be difficult to grasp just how important the trucking community is. Recent data released by the Federal Motor Carrier Administrations 2016 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics reveals the facts in the form of some impressive statistics. Trucks are still the primary method of transporting freight in this country.

In fact, in 2013 73% of all cargo in the US was moved by truck drivers, a figure that has been rising from year to year. That 73% makes up 14,547 million tons of cargo. Last year this cargo was moved by 11 million trucks on the road who traveled nearly 279,131 million miles. Consider life, and thanksgiving for that matter, without 73% of the everyday goods we rely on.

It’s Time to Recognize

As we give thanks this Thanksgiving, let us consider the hard working individuals who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes. Let us consider those who make our everyday lives possible and those who seldom receive, nor ask, for recognition. Let us give thanks to all of those awesome truck drivers out there.


To all you hard-working truckers and the community that supports you, to all of you who spend countless hours in traffic, away from your families, making sure everyone has the things they need and want, please accept this perpetual thank you. You truckers are the backbone of our great nation.