Healthy Trucking Lifestyle Choose Good Food

The nature of the work associated with long haul trucking doesn’t make it very easy to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is possible, though, and it all starts with the choice to do just that.

The Challenge

A lot goes into a truly healthy lifestyle, including good sleep, a stimulated mind, and even time with your loved ones, but the two biggest challenges that have the most impact on a driver’s health are diet and exercise. Over the road truckers sit for long periods of time and often have to settle for fast food or anything they can quickly eat in order to conserve precious time. It may be difficult, but there are steps truckers can take to lead a healthy lifestyle and still do the job that makes up the backbone of this great country.

Healthy Meal Options on the Road

Healthy eating is difficult for anyone who is on the move, and truck drivers are no exception. Luckily, our country is experiencing a culture shift and access to healthy foods is getting much easier. Many convenience stores and truck stops now offer ready to eat, prewashed salads, fruits, or turkey or chicken sandwiches that are easy to grab and go and much better than the gut bomb alternatives. Drivers might also consider stopping at grocery stores where there are plenty of healthy options. Keep oranges, avacodos, apples, bananas and nuts in your truck for a quick snack.  Those lucky enough to have regular routes can even take the time to get to know where to find healthy options. The first step, no matter how you find healthy foods, is to make the decision and effort to do it in the first place.

Find Time to Move

Exercise is tough when drivers have to sit for long periods of time and only have limited rest periods to sleep and relax. Sleep is just as important a part of health as exercise and you shouldn’t rob yourself of sleep, but consider how you spend the rest of your time. Watching TV? Sitting at the diner? Examine your routine and carve out at least 30 minutes to an hour to do some exercise. Bring a pair of running shoes or hiking shoes and take a walk or go for a slow jog. Can’t miss a show? Do some simple exercises such as sit-ups or push-ups during commercial breaks. Exercise bands are lightweight and portable and can make getting a quick workout in very easy, and simple stretching is another method of helping your muscles and joints from becoming tight. It can also help with blood circulation.

One Step at a Time

No matter how you go about living a healthy trucking lifestyle it all starts with the first step. Truckers have to decide and commit to living healthy, only then can they start making healthy choices on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be a huge lifestyle shift; start out with a half hour walk on your next break and a salad or lean sandwich once a day and go from there. On the road dangers are already a real concern for truckers, don’t let your long term health become another one.

Hunter Tires Editorial Team