One of the most dangerous parts of trucking are the health issues associated with sitting for long periods of time; obesity, heart conditions, diabetes and strokes are not uncommon for truckers. The reality is the majority of time spent trucking doesn’t involve physical activity. Fortunately, you can make the decision to increase your level of activity and begin reducing the likelihood of life changing health issues.

Prevention is the best medicine

One of the difficult parts about the maladies relating to the lack of physical exercise is that they tend to sneak up on you. Our bodies gain weight slowly and we don’t always realize just how much we have gained or how much lack of activity is affecting our health. Without question, it’s better to avoid the problems in the first place than to have to deal with them later, and it only takes a few small steps to get on the right track.

Take advantage of truck stops and breaks

Getting your blood circulating during stops is an excellent way to boost energy and burn a few calories, but be careful not to exhaust yourself before going back out on the road. Simply taking a walk is a great way to increase circulation, stretch out your muscles, and relieve stress.

Exercise bands are also a great tool for truckers as they are small and can be used for strength and flexibility. They are not expensive and can offer a great variety of exercises to help keep things fresh.

Develop a routine and you will soon find yourself looking forward to these workouts. They will become a good habit that pays big.

In truck exercises for those long hauls

It is difficult to maintain an active lifestyle when your job requires long hours behind the wheel. Taking advantage of those long hours to do some very simple exercises can go a long way in improving your level of physical activity. Obviously, you’re limited to what you can do and safety is still the number one priority. Simply flexing your core muscles repeatedly is an easy exercise you can do right in the driver’s seat, use specific signs or stoplights as triggers to do some small sets. You can also stretch out your arms and hands while at stoplights or in traffic. Stretching is exercise and it can do wonders for your circulation and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Today is the day

Your health is very important and beginning a fitness regimen is a great plan. Start small by making simple healthy choices and performing simple exercises. Take the work-your-way-up approach. Too many people start big with an elaborate or difficult plan only to end up quitting completely when it turns out to be too much for them. Even thinking about it too much can result in failure.

Start small, start today and notice how great it feels. You can do it.

As with anything health related, speak to your doctor first.


Written by Hunter Tires Editorial Team

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